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Data Breach- Steps to Keep Your Business Safe
Cybersecurity Threats in 2022 - What can SMBs do to have a Competitive Advantage?
 It is no secret that your business could be under attack by cybercriminals at any moment of any day. It is the basic fact of business in the internet age. Your employees are on the front lines of information security. Providing small business security against these probing cybercriminals requires a culture of security within a business.
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Even with the best security measures in place, data breaches are an all too real possibility for small businesses. What your company does in the wake of a data breach is just as important as the security measures you take to prevent such breaches in the first place.
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 What are the most important things small and medium-sized businesses can do to protect and minimize their vulnerabilities to attack? The job at hand is to secure the networks, systems, and data from cybersecurity issues. Core responsibility is the prevention of data loss, which may cripple your business.
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